Bowes Street Bus Depot

The Beech Group completed the Demolition, Remediation and site clearance of a 24000m2 Bus Depot in Manchester. These works included:

Asbestos Removal.

Pest control (falcon was used to disturb nesting birds).

Scaffolding was erected and associated permits arranged.

Removal of Clock Tower by hand due to its heritage value, which was then stored off site.

Complete demolition of bus station to slab level.

Remediation of elevated levels of contaminated ground (including clinker, ash and coal fragments).

Site Waste Management plan and Health and Safety plan were maintained throughout the project.

The machinery used on this project: 2x high reach Komatsu 360 Rotating Grab, Crusher, Screener, 2×40 tonne machines, 2×50 tonne machines, 2×70 tonne machines, 2×14 tonne machines, a Piling Rig, a Compactor, a Roller, a Vibrator, Generators and a Cherry Picker.

The project was completed within budget and on time.

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