Elizabeth Shaw Works, Bristol

It was proposed to redevelop the former Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate factory in Bristol. All original multi-storey buildings were to be retained on the site and converted to residential flats. The site complex contained above ground storage tanks (fuel – ASTs) and several areas proposed for further residential development. There were found to contain deep deposits of Made Ground and also contained several stands of Japanese knotweed (JKW)

As part of the planning application a Phase I Desk Study was completed including Conceptual Model. Following this an invasive species assessment was undertaken to establish the extent of JKW on the site. The weed was found within areas of imported Made Ground. A Phase II intrusive site investigation was thence undertaken in the area of the ASTs and the parcel of land available for redevelopment.

A Remedial Strategy was provided to remediate contaminated soils and to remove the stands of JKW.

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