Former Moss Side (Stagecoach) Bus Depot

In the early 1920s a tram depot was established at the 2.5 hectare site. The tram depot operated until the 1950s when it was converted to diesel buses. Part of the site was occupied by a primary school (demolished 2009). The Moss Side Bus Depot was closed in 2010 and was demolished to ground level in 2011.

Following a Phase I Desk Study and Phase II preliminary intrusive Site Investigation in order to more accurately establish the type, degree and extent of residual soil contamination at the site from historical use, a Phase III SI was completed October 2011. In order to redevelop the site in the 1950s there was significant import of demolition waste above an original concrete slab, which in turn was covered with a further reinforced concrete slab. These works raised levels significantly at the site.

From the Phase II and III intrusive site investigations the imported filling material was found to be contaminated with clinker, ash and coal fragments which resulted in very elevated levels of PAH and TPH contamination. In addition to the contaminated filling material, due to the storage (above and below ground fuel tanks) diesel was found to have migrated into weathered Sandstone at depth. The site overlies a major aquifer (Sandstone).

Based on the finding of the intrusive investigations a Remedial Strategy was established, that provided four options to remediate the site to varying degrees, all of which were priced up. The Phase III report and Remedial Strategy were forwarded to The Manchester City Council Environment Protection Department and The Environment Agency for their review and agreement. Written agreement was received from both regulators within seven days of submission.

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