Sevalco Site (North)

It was proposed to demolish a former carbon black plant formerly operated by Columbian Chemicals Ltd. The site infrastructure included a gas production plant, an electrical generating station (power station), the carbon black processing plant with various warehouses and lagoons for the processing of contaminated process waters. Due to the location of the plant in the flood plain at Avonmouth and its close proximity to the estuary of the River Severn, groundwater was at or close to the surface on high tides and is subject to prolonged heavy rainfall.

A Remedial Strategy, allied to a demolition method statement, was produced in order to allow redevelopment of the site. Soils and groundwater at the site required varying degrees of remedial treatment due to organic and heavy metal contamination found at the site.

Japanese knotweed (JKW) was found to be growing at the site boundary and partially within a deep ditch that provided some degree of drainage to the Sevalco site. A Remedial Strategy was established to remove the invasive weeds at this location, without damage to the water course.

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