Stanlow, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

The last remaining hyperboloid cooling tower at Stanlow has been modified over the years but retains some original aspects of its internal packing support system.

Due to freezing conditions and low activity during the cold weather in later 2010 ice accumulating on the redundant internal packing supports resulted in overloading weight and subsequent collapse. On inspection several areas of support were identified to be liable to collapse and removal was recommended urgently.

Beech Group were contracted to carry out the removal with stringent conditions stipulated to prevent encroachment of personnel to within 2 metres of the tower side.

Ramps, roadways and hard standing pads were constructed to give access to required sections of the tower base. An 8 tonne excavator with modifications and a small hydraulic shear attachment was used to carefully shear the damaged elements and remove for disposal, with both concrete and steel being recovered for recycling.

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