MD failure.

Managing Director Chris Wainwright failed to complete the Bala Triathlon this September for the first time. Having coerced a number of people to sponsor him he set off to try and beat three hours and he had actually trained for it and was injury free. However the special tyres he had fitted to his bike were not up to it and exploded after 100 metres. A new tube was obtained from a Marshall as Chris did not take any repair kit with him (the special tyres being ‘indestructible’) this tube exploded seconds later. The good news, Chris was able to set a national record for throwing a push bike (43 meters wind assisted). To make it up to his sponsors and fans he has started training for an iron man and he if he finishes that I’ll eat my hat. We couldn’t find a photo at Bala so here he is after swimming the Mersey!

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