MD Failure (again)


Back in November 2012 we reported with embarrassment the failings of our MD to
achieve athletic greatness in the world of triathlon. We have more of the same
news. He trained relentlessly, shed over a stone, raised £25 for charity (people
are bred with him) a set off bleating about breaking three hours for the Bala
triathlon. Fail. He did clock a PB for the event at each discipline but it wasn’t
enough. What went wrong, in his own words. ‘When I turned half way through the
run stage and glanced at my watch I saw that I would succeed if I ran the last
three miles in 27 minutes. But I had nothing left. Nothing. Back to the drawing
board. I had relatively new shoes (this is the excuse bit) and it was like I was
running with tacks in them’ etc etc. Nothing changes.

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