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Just completing the dotting of i`s and the crossing of t`s in order to submit an application to surrender a waste management license – the culmination of two years’ work. BC has recently been commissioned to undertake several Phase I and II Geo-Environmental Assessments locally and in the Southwest. So there is plenty of opportunity to stand in the middle of a field amid the wind and rain logging the drilling. Nothing better!

One other project of interest, we are assisting a householder liaise with his insurers and their consultants, in the  design and reconstruction of a length of sea wall that underwent catastrophic failure during the high spring tides and storm surges on the Wirral.

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–  The problems have not gone away at the Fukushima Daiicha Nuclear plant in Japan; it’s just not front page news anymore. However, it’s not quiet at Beech Remediation as we are still involved in a proposal, within a joint venture, to treat Tritium contaminated groundwater at the site. Discussions are testing and ongoing so it’s a case of wait and see!


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