Progress in the Caribbean

Carl Trinidad


Our project in the sunny Caribbean is coming to an end and our operatives have worked unbelievably hard, meaning that we have finished ahead of schedule, on budget and safely!

Beech group received and email from a Senior Executive of the Client which was hugely complimentary, it read:


“Team, an excellent job in getting the tank roof demolition completed safely and within the scheduled duration! Great use of technology available to minimize the number of persons who are required on site, number of persons required in the Tank, the number of “hands-on” persons required to put themselves in danger of getting injured, and mostly the practical elimination of hot works on site.

Let’s continue to work towards safely completing the floor demolition. ”


A huge well done to our operatives, who I am sure will be looking forward to coming home to the lovely ‘British Summer’ and thank you to the rest of the team who helped this project move seamlessly.




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