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We are putting this news item top of the list because of our failings in the social media world for around a year now. Our apologies to all readers but we have just been so busy we haven’t got around to it. That is now stopping and we have commissioned a new website from internet specialists Instant Business. The new website will in many ways be telling you about what is almost a new business, as we have changed so much in the last three years. Demolition is still our main business and have several main strings to that bow. We are currently in the midst of taking down Alderhey, we have petrochemical work underway decommissioning tanks and redundant assets. in the maritime sector we have just finished the complex and dangerous deconstruction of the high level passenger walkway at Holyhead ferry terminal for which we are applying for awards an we are tendering for more work there. Our licensed asbestos division now has 42 operatives and staff, who have expertise and experience in most areas from de-lagging to demolition within the asbestos arena. The training department will be up and running in September. There’s just too much news, you will take a breath and wait for the NEW WEBSITE. Two weeks to go.

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