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Beech Consultants

There is experience and expertise at Beech Consultants in respect to investigating the presence of nuclear waste, the use of geotechnical instruments that utilise radioactive materials and providing an experienced Radiation Protection Supervisor where required.

As part of the redevelopment of a major shipbuilding site, that previously built nuclear warships and vessels for the Royal Navy, a site investigation was required to establish the type, degree and extent of soil contamination, including the location of low grade nuclear waste landfilled on the site. A Director of Beech Consultants led the team undertaking the assessment. The same Director was also was involved in the Due Diligence of a former Stingray torpedo research/development and manufacturing facility where radioactive contaminated water was found within a testing tank.

On many major earthwork contracts (1000-2,000,000m3), where the degree of compaction was to be rigorously assessed Nuclear Density Gauges (NDGs/NDMs) were used to assess the degree of compaction. There is significant experience within Beech Consultants to work with NDGs and in particular manage and co-ordinate the use of Radiation Badges to monitor the daily dosage received by the instrument operators. The badges were tested for conformity with occupational health requirements at the Birmingham University Hospital. The work was co-ordinated by the companies Radiation Protection Supervisor.

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