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Beech Remediation

The Remediation and Consultancy arm are currently assisting TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Light Company) which operates the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. A briefing/workshop was held with representatives of TEPCO and the UK Trades & Industry, where there was a request for assistance in dealing with the decommissioning works and associated clean-up/remediation from the 2011 Tsunami that crippled the plant. A joint proposal has been forwarded for consideration for the treatment of radioactive groundwater from a reactor contaminated with Tritium, with Beech Remediation working in tandem with Cylenchar; who have a proprietary and patented treatment system.

Currently some 450m3 of contaminated water are being extracted from inside a reactor and stored in a series of tanks constructed at ground level at the site. Some 400,000m3 of Tritium contaminated water are currently stockpiled awaiting treatment.

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