Project Details
  • Client GB-Building Solutions Limited/Manchester City Council
  • Services Remediation Contractor, plus liaison with Regulators
  • Costs £2.4M
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Former Moss Side (Stagecoach) Bus Depot (MSBD), Manchester

Following the acceptance of a site specific Remediation Strategy completed by Beech Consultants, Beech Remediation undertook, within a five month period over the winter months (2011-2012), the remediation of the site. This include the excavation of all reinforced concrete slabs across the whole site, with a second slab 1.0m below existing ground level (former tram works) at the central part of the site. The remediation works required the removal of six large diesel, bio-fuel and oil tanks within a concrete chamber. The tanks had leaked and allowed fuel/oil to migrate into the underlying soils, impacting the local groundwater across the site. Excavations to over 5.3m bgl were required to remove the tanks/concrete chamber and boiler house, requiring a steel interlocking sheet pile wall to support an adjacent highway and footpath (including buried mains services). By off-site disposal of soils contaminated with various types of asbestos, and ex-situ on-site treatment of diesel contaminated soils, the project was completed on time and on budget. Some 25,000m3 of material was excavated and either recycled/disposed off-site and/or re-used on site as final finishing works.

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