Project Details
  • Client GB-Building Solutions Limited/Manchester City Council
  • Services Geotechnical, Environmental, Waste Management
  • Costs £35,000
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Former Moss Side (Stagecoach) Bus Depot (MSBD), Manchester

Following the demolition of the former MSBD, by Beech Demolition, the Client (Manchester City Council) required the site to be remediated and made available for residential development. The site (approximately 2.5 hectares) was found to contain the relics of both the former tram depot (1900s) and the subsequent diesel bus depot (converted in the early 1950`s). Significant contamination was found in a layer between successive construction levels, together with diesel/oils contaminating natural Weathered Sandstone (below Made Ground) and the local aquifer at depth. Beech Consultants (BC), based on a previous Phase I and Phase II geo-environmental assessments were instructed to complete the following works:

  • A further extensive Phase III intrusive site investigation,
  • Groundwater monitoring,
  • Development of a Remedial Strategy, to be agreed with the Council and the Environment Agency.
  • A site specific Remediation Strategy was subsequently approved by the Regulators (LA & EA) with the Regulators – see Beech Remediation projects.
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