Project Details
  • Client GB-Building Solutions Limited/Manchester City Council
  • Services Remediation
  • Cost £150,000
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New Islington, Ancoats, Manchester

Due to the failure of a developer completing a project, which went into receivership, a large quantity of waste soils and construction waste had to be removed off site to allow a change of ownership. Beech Consultants were commissioned to assess the type, degree and extent of any residual chemical contamination within various stockpiles and to establish a Materials Management Plan and strategy to relocate the materials off site for re-use and/or disposal. A range of contamination was found within specific stockpiles of waste and waste streams; including two types of asbestos fibre, plus organic and heavy metal contamination. A strategy was agreed and the various stockpiles sorted into three types of material for removal off site; Hazardous, Non-Hazardous and Inert. Beech Remediation were instructed to separate the designated waste streams, with a limited amount classified as Hazardous (asbestos and elevated PAH) and disposed of within a licensed landfill. The Non-Hazardous and Inert materials were treated off site for re-use. BR undertook the management of the works on site, implemented a Consignment Note and Duty of Care system to ensure an audit trail for all materials leaving the site, and completed a Validation Report of all the works undertaken at the site for the Councils sign-off.

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