Project Details
  • Client EMS Limited
  • Services Geotechnical, Environmental, Waste Management & Environmental Licencing
  • Costs £12,000
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North Hall Landfill

Beech Consultants (BC) were commissioned to complete the surrender of the license for a former landfill back to the Environment Agency (EA). A previous application submitted by another consultant had been withdrawn at the request of the Agency and a second application was to be established and presented to the EA by BC. The commission required the following works to be completed:

  • Meetings and agreements with the EA to agree the work scope of the new surrender document,
  • Drilling of additional boreholes, to supplement existing monitoring points, were established at the former landfill site,
  • Two years additional ground gas and groundwater monitoring completed to supplement the previous application information,
  • Sampling of on and off-site additional surface water bodies,
  • The revised surrender document was started afresh and required all previous information to be reviewed, the new monitoring data analysed and a new application presented.
  • The surrender document was submitted to the EA in January 2014 and is awaiting review and sign-off by the Agency.
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