Project Details
  • Client Glasgow City Council
  • Services Remediation
  • Cost £40,000
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Remediation Trials Rutherglen, Glasgow

As part of a series of field and laboratory based trials Beech Remediation (operating as Beech Solucorp) undertook the remediation of a significant quantity of heavy metal contaminated soils at the former Rutherglen Football Stadium in Glasgow. The original terraces, overlaid with in-situ concrete steps, were found to be heavily contaminated with heavy metals, predominantly chromium VI. The contaminated fill material was historical waste from the steel industry in Glasgow.

There were a series of trials of innovative remediation technology, organised by URL, on behalf of Glasgow City Council, to establish a robust treatment technology to treat the contamination at the Rutherglen site. The waste had been found to have been deposited across the city and the leachate was found to be migrating into the River Clyde and out to sea affecting the estuarine populations.

Beech Remediation utilised a proprietary chemical stabilisation technique – MBS. This was developed in the USA for use on the Superfund sites, and approved for use by the US EPA. The addition of propriety chemicals, in lieu of the more traditional cementitious/pozalanic additives provided a targeted approach. Initially, bench scale tests were undertaken in a laboratory to assess the potential treatment of the known range and degree of heavy metal contamination. The results allowed the most appropriate dosage to be established for the site trials in Glasgow.

Beech established a mixing system on the Rutherglen site and processed ten tonnes of contaminated soils by mixing with MBS chemicals. The chemical fixation process when applied to heavy metals reduces to acceptable levels the leachability of the known contaminates. URL validated the treatment technology by retrieving samples from the treated stockpiles of material at the site. All results were below targets levels established by URS.

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