Project Details
  • Client Mr & Mrs Hill
  • Services Geotechnical
  • Cost £10,000
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Residential House within former Quarry

Geotechnical assessment for the construction of a four storey house (25,000Ft2), with a lower basement to accommodate a swimming pool and standalone two storey garage and apartment block on the side of a former Sandstone quarry in Lancashire. The Sandstone had been quarried leaving a Mudstone deposit that weathered significantly when exposed to the elements. Several attempts had been made to re-profile the quarry to allow the construction of a residential property.

Beech Consultants were commissioned to undertake the following works:

  • An assessment of the stability of the re-profiled rock and original overburdened soils in the vicinity of the proposed house, already partway under construction.
  • Rotary boreholes were used to investigate the thickness and intact strength of the Mudstone at the site.
  • A strategy was then submitted, following consultations with the projects appointed structural engineers, for the regrading of over-steep embankments, re-profiling of the formation constructed within the Mudstone strata and changes to the design,
  • Provision of a specification of the regrading and earthworks as an engineered formation to the proposed reinforced concrete foundation and retaining walls.
Accreditations Beech Group Accreditations