Project Details
  • Client Capstone Developments Limited
  • Services Geotechnical, Environmental, Waste Management & Environmental Licencing
  • Cost £40,000
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Sandbrook Road (South), Orrell

Following the completion of a Phase I and II Geoenvironmental Assessment and the establishment of a Remedial Strategy, based on a Human Health Risk Assessment and CLER guidelines the Remediation of a former reservoir site was completed. Infill materials (brick and concrete debris, clay soils contaminated with diesel range organics was excavated. Preliminary treatment of some volumes of soils allowed re-use as general filling of the site, where due to gross contamination the remaining material, less concrete and brick debris removed via a screening plant, was relocated off-site to a licensed landfill.


Contaminated soils were removed down to natural strata – Glacial Till/boulder clays, as detailed in a photograph of the Remediation Works, with clean imported soils used to bring the exposed surface up to design levels. The site was then available for residential development.

Accreditations Beech Group Accreditations