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  • Tranmere North Gangway Replacement
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Tranmere North Gangway Replacement

On Wednesday 27th June, the key safety barrier on the Tranmere waterfront (which is used for getting all Essar, Port and Ship visitors on and off the ships safely) was removed ready for a replacement arriving before year end. Once all the pre-work had been completed during the previous weeks, the Lara 1 arrived and within an hour the gangway was secured on the hook, hot work commenced to remove the final holding down bolts and it was free. The gangway was lifted clear of the jetty and landed on the deck of the Lara 1 where it was secured and held in position for its final resting place at Norton’s yard in Liverpool, where the equipment was waiting to turn it into recyclable material. Excellent work between Projects, Marine, Tranmere Ops, the Rigging loft and contractors Beech Group, Applus and Lara 1 floating crane resulted in the gangway being removed from Tranmere without incident or damage.

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